About Julie Ann Heath

After spending years as a director of a FTSE100 company Julie Ann Heath could be described as having been recycled into a writer and illustrator.

Julie Ann’s unconventional career path began at sixteen and took her on an adventure through corporate business, onto designing her own clothing label, followed by an exploration of theology via church and university. This resulted in ordination and the discovery of a gift for story-telling and illustration. She now explores spiritual and philosophical concepts through those methods, including making a film in her back garden.

Julie Ann has an encouraging soul and her aspiration is to inspire others through her stories to open their heart to their own potential, realise their dreams and have eternal hope even in the difficult times.

She believes that shared wisdom, common sense and experience are essential in helping navigate the maze of life:

“Contentment is everything. Don’t compare. I find it steals your inner joy. You don’t have to try to be someone special – you are someone special!”