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Do you remember having posters on your wall?

I remember having posters of my favourite singers on my wall as a teenager. It was a quick way to transform a room and add some character. So I thought why not have some of my images printed as a poster. I have chosen three, all of which have a spiritual influence, ‘The Promise’ an abstract […]

NEW art print ‘Free to Dance’

At last I have added one of my NEW paintings to our website! This is just a doodle but take a look at the art print and see if the dancer, dressed in a rainbow, inspires you to feel ‘ Free to Dance’! jah xxx  

‘Beginning with Love’

Thanks so much to those who came along to my last exhibition. It was such a joyful experience for me. Very soon a selection of prints from that exhibition will be appearing on the Potters Maze website, so watch this space! Bye for now jah

‘Sailing Rainbows’

I wasn’t sure how to decorate our guest bedroom but then my dear husband suggested we should be inspired by this painting of mine. He thinks this print is cheerful, as it reminds him of holidays. I have to agree because that’s exactly what I was thinking when I was painting this image. Little boats of dreams sailing […]

An Irresistible Force……

Holidays are interesting times for a number of reasons. Not only do you get a change of scenery and probably a change of weather, but you may also have a change of perspective. Extra time gives extra space for thoughts and  there is nothing more interesting than the topic of love. When you reach a certain age, […]

A Good Reminder

For me there is nothing better when having a difficult day than to read, what has to be one of my favourite pieces of Bible text from Proverbs 3:   Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And do not rely on your own insight. In all ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your […]

Something new

This is a large painting I have done for a local arts festival. I have never done anything like this before and it was a challenge but it was great fun and I enjoyed painting this very much. The painting was displayed in my local town, along with a number of other works by other […]

Raindrops & smiles

It is dull and grey today, with constant rain but I can’t help but smile at the trees and plants in my garden. They all  look so refreshed and new. As I look out of my window I can see rain drops cascading from the beautiful white wisteria down onto the white clematis, to finally rest on the fragrant lavender below. What […]