An Irresistible Force……

Heart Angel art print

Holidays are interesting times for a number of reasons. Not only do you get a change of scenery and probably a change of weather, but you may also have a change of perspective. Extra time gives extra space for thoughts and  there is nothing more interesting than the topic of love. When you reach a certain age, personal experiences and also the experiences of friends can inform our thoughts and if you are a bit like me, it can inspire you to pick up your pen and reflect a little:


True love is elusive.

You cannot stalk or hunt or calculate.

You cannot devise, plan, or manipulate.

You cannot hang a net, or cast a line.

True love is evasive and wily and bold.

It cannot be caught or seduced or charmed.

You cannot offer favours, or friendship or money.

True love is the holder of eternity and time.

Worldly things are worthless and empty.

Only patience gains.

And then, as if a lifted veil, true love reveals itself.

The words of Truth come forth, gently, hesitantly, listening,

As the coordinates of your dreams are told, and your soul is seen;

Bright and clear, untarnished and waiting to be released.

True love, all knowing, all truth.


An irresistible force.

Copyright Julie Ann Heath 2014